Mars cazimi in Scorpio
Mercurial Virgin
The Siren of Amazonis Planitia
The cure will be completed in my body, silence your spirit to let me reach you, my skin will secrete angels and you will have forgotten and forgiven all.
Venus in Leo
Saint Mozelle in the Aphid Orgy

Ivory Gate
Saint Mozelle
Mater Dei
Vena Cava
Angelus Mortem
Sol Niger (With my fire, I may destroy everything, by my breath, souls are lifted from putrified earth)

Infinity Jaw
Belly of the Abyss
Return of the Martian Water God
We pressed our bellies together and kicked our feet, we became something so alien that we no longer had natural predators
We watched humankind evolve as we absorbed into the sea floor, the moon stared down at us and told us the Earth had a heavy heart
We wondered If the angels had abandoned us, or if they simply changed shape without letting us know. Every night creatures vanished, every morning strangers would arrive

Harmony (Angels)
The talons of the eagle, the ladder of death, by God's grace, all will be well
Mutasis Moon
fetus ex angelus (Liberation of the planetary ovum)
Paroxysm of Life (The Big Confusion)
Knot of Pacification
Tree of God
God is King

The leg of the hen
The seed of the wawa tree
sword of war
Ascension of the Holy Vessel (Be Not Afraid)
Passing the green specimoon
Opus (The Ovule)
The Tongue and the Teeth
Little Star

The Space Congregation (No Surprise to Find The Angels Come Here)
Devil Ray
The Octonaut (I can be my own hands to hold)
Cheering sounds from the dark outer space
Thumper (Heartbeat of the Sun)
miracle of the deep sea
I heard a heartbeat down in the black hole
the coral reef preservation society
I'm gonna keep protecting the soul of the sea
Crystal Rock and Shockwave
Spore (dangerous solar particles)
water flooded out of my heart pocket
Harmony (2)

Three angels waiting
What in the water? (time capsule #3),
Dainty the mermaid
Sparkle and Sparkle's map home
the first breath we took together as one negro fish
the sighting of the last shadow dweller (original sea kin)
Shine eye grinner
You keep pulling my heartstrings till I turn purple!
Boom bang (shiny girl)
Making it work to be together while we can
'friendliness and the whisperers'
Unity (Negros Historical Information Systems in Every Dark Corner)
Baby bumblebee (for the betterment of us all please remember your smallness)
look how long I've been crying to get to you!
I the spirit conductor come to tell you we were here before this

Earnest Lewis King
pet rock
Seashell (grinner)
Precious things (everything),
you lose shreds of your truth every time I remember you,
Heartbeat (quiet thrum)
Big tooth (angels in a sleepy current)
something joyful
Untitled (play dumb to catch wise)
Untitled (romantic dancing)
the cause and cure is you

Georgia Marble Marks Slave Burial Sites Across America
for every defence mechanism a valid reason
everything scatter army arrangement
Angolano (god gift)
how do you live with a curse when you was born blessed